• Best-in-class reverse phase IGBT dimming technology
  • Precise and consistent dimming control down to 1% brightness
  • Helpful and informative 3-inch, backlit display
  • Manual Mode: control your lights simply by setting dimming percentages on your own
  • Slave Mode: have your dimmer accept 0-10V signals from a house controller
  • Master Mode: set a schedule for your dimmer to follow automatically
  • Intuitive Housewalk feature allows for seamless interruption of programming to perform house maintenance
  • Operates smoothly between 110V and 240V without the need to change settings
  • Easy to install with standard conduit already incorporated, simply trim to desired length and connect to designated lines
  • Surge and short circuit protection included
  • 2 independently operated 1000W channels allow for complete control of house

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Our new LifeLamp Reverse Phase IGBT Dimmer is about important choices that impact your Lighting Plan, Quality and Performance. Many competitors sell SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) based dimmers or IGBT forward Phase dimmers that act like TRIAC dimmers.

LifeLamp’s Output Voltage Control Dimming Technology creates a quieter electrical atmosphere in the poultry house helping to prevent electromagnetic interference with and by other electrical systems in the house. Inversely, the LifeLamp Dimmer/Controller power filtration technology prevents equipment in the house from affecting the other electrical current and voltage being provided to the light bulbs. This prevents fluctuation in current and voltage delivered to the bulbs which, if not controlled, can cause flickering and bulbs shutting down at low dimming/voltage levels.

Tests clearly indicate that our competitors’ Forward Phase Dimmer technology abruptly “turns on” at some point within the half cycle of the input voltage waveform. This sudden surge of voltage input causes stress on LED bulbs and issues with deep dimming of LED’s LifeLamp’s Reverse Phase output voltage IGBT Dimming Technology eliminates abrupt voltage and current transitions and provides smooth “ons” and “offs of voltage and current during the dimming cycle. The smart LifeLamp Reverse Phase IGBT Dimmer operates at up to a 1,000 micro-second transition time and can sense and automatically respond to changes it detects in incoming power, load size, load type, load condition and temperature. This ultra-fast transition time enables the LifeLamp dimmer to dim inductive loads like LED bulbs down to extremely low dimming levels without flickering

Voltage drop across LifeLamp’s 1000 micro-second rise time Reverse Phase IGBT Dimmer is less than 2.5 volts! Because the voltage drop through the LifeLamp Reverse Phase IGBT Dimmer is minimal, lamp life is prolonged, brightness is maintained through the life of the bulb and energy efficiency is maximized. Voltage drop across a 1000 microsecond rise time forward phase or TRIAC dimmer exceeds 7 volts resulting in these forward phase or TRIAC dimmers producing less light and more waste heat.