The LifeLamp Light System moves to become Industry Standard.

The LifeLamp product line has grown due to our unwavering commitment to customer service and continuous product improvement and development. We offer a unique, listening ear to our customer’s headaches, and strive to solve those headaches with effective solutions.

Lifelamp Innovation at Show

Each year, our LifeLamp protocol is to audit each product we offer. We decide to leave it as is, innovate it or delete it. We also relentlessly ask our customers what prevents them from running a smoother operation. Controlling Power instability was the number one problem our customers complained about and we took action with the LifeLamp Power Purifier. Customers enjoy spraying our bulbs clean. But they complained that the sockets were not always in great shape. We addressed that with our waterproof junction box and tru beam socket for LED bulbs. Now you can be assured your connections are waterproof. And sometimes, we are inspired to innovate after we analyze the market. And borne out of this culture was our new HIGH WATTAGE 40W bulb. We urge you to order as soon as possible, we have not seen demand like this for any product we have ever introduced. Unprecedented demand. Contact us today to partner with the industry’s leader in Innovation. We are listening; how can we help?