LLLNA1050- 50ft(10ft center)

Special order any other size needed

LifeLamp LightLines are used to retrofit poultry houses for LED bulbs

Because LED bulbs are directional and do not have a broad beam spread like incandescent or CFL bulbs, the distance between the sockets/bulbs should be reduced to provide for adequate lighting.

LifeLamp LightLine Sockets are designed for the toughest environments!

UL WaterProof Dustproof Connectors used to install LightLines

LightLine Sockets include robust waterproof, dustproof, explosion proof sockets and heavy duty strain reliefs which cannot be damaged in industrial environments.

Current Waterproof Sockets have weak mechanical connections between the main wire and sockets.

LightLines are Extremely Easy to install. The slotted hole on top allows the bulb to always shine directly down onto the floor even with pitched ceilings.

LightLines waterproof, dustproof connectors ensure long term reliability in toughest environments.

Sockets built with tin plated copper sockets for conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Support – Connection and Installation Guides