Lifelamp™ Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
All LifeLamp™ LED bulbs were designed to withstand the punishment of poultry houses. Each LifeLamp LED bulb includes a silicon seal between the base and body and between the body and lens cover (below) to ensure industry best water and moisture resistance.
Every LifeLamp LED bulb is designed with a 5V-VO PBT plastic internal base and die cast aluminum body to ensure LifeLamp™ is fireproof. The LifeLamp™ lens cover is designed with Lexan polycarbonate plastic to eliminate cracking or shattering.
We recommend pairing LifeLamp LED bulbs with our LifeLamp dimmer for maximum performance. The LifeLamp Dimmer ensures LifeLamp bulbs will dim down to below 2% dimming levels, perfect for catch crews.
LifeLamp LED bulbs are available in different colors Including 2700K, and 5000K. Lead time for delivery is 5 weeks for 1000 or more units.
LifeLamp offers long life expectancy. Life expectancy to approximately 25,000 hours to 50,000 hours, depending on the bulb.
Solid Warranty LifeLamp LED bulbs warranted for 5 years from Date Stamp.

LifeLamp™ Bulbs Available

LED 6W BROAD BEAM 230° Beam Spread

  • 5000K Natural White #DB6WBB50K / DLS6WBB50K (50/Ctn)

LED 9W BROAD BEAM 230° Beam Spread

  • 2700K Warm White #DB9WBB27K / DLS9WBB27K (50/Ctn)
  • 5000K Natural White #DB9WBB50K / DLS9WBB50K (50/Ctn)

LED 16W BROAD BEAM 180° Beam Spread

  • 2700K Warm White #DB16WBB27K / DLS16WBB27K (50/Ctn)
  • 5000K Blue White #DB16WBB50K / DLS16WBB50K (50/Ctn)

LED 16.5W BROAD BEAM 210° Beam Spread

  • 2700K Warm White #DLS16.5WBB27K / DLS16WBB2700K (32/Ctn
  • 5000K Blue White #DLS16.5WBB50K / DLS16WBB5000K (32/Ctn

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