Welcome LifeLamps 24W LuxLast

LifeLamp is expanding its successful lineup of high wattage LED Lamps for Poultry growers worldwide! Imagine a light so bright that you only need to install them every 20 feet in your houses.2400 Lumens of Light output adds tremendous foot candles for your birds. Finally, LifeLamp has solved another lighting problem for our expanding number of customers worldwide! Stop changing bulbs all the time and throw away that jelly jar. The heat it forces on your bulbs impacts the life of the bulbs. The newest member of the LifeLamp Light System is our 24W high wattage LuxLast. Stop overheating your bulbs with Jelly jars!
The jelly jar is dead. Convert today with our new 24W LifeLamp LuxLast Light System.Right away you will notice our new innovative Heat dissipation design that minimizes Lumen depreciation over the life of our LuxLast. High Wattage without the Heat means tremendous long term savings for our customers while delivering foot candles to the floor where it matters! So many reasons to invest in LuxLast from Lifelamp:
Join our happy customers enjoying the best lighting system in the industry. Pleasing one grower at a time both here is the United States and across the globe.
LifeLamp, your high wattage innovators.

LifeLamp 24W Luxlast Features:

  • 2400 Lumens delivers 4 foot candles or more on the floor with a Luxlast positioned every 20 feet. Only 90 Lights per house!
  • Make your lighting dollars go further; only 24 Watts of energy used by LuxLast.
  • No spotting on the floor thanks to smartly designed beam spread.
  • IP 65 rating means waterproof and dust-proof. Stress free lighting and simple periodic cleaning.
  • Deep Dimming when used in conjunction with our LifeLamp Dimmer down to 1%.
  • Available in 2700K and 5000K color temperatures.
  • 1.25″ depth means improved light profile.
  • Install directly to electrical box or use our adapter for E26 connection with retrofits.
  • Extremely Wide Beam spread.
  • 5year Limited warranty. Rated for 40,000 hours.

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