ETL Number 501251

HPS40W27K (24/Ctn)

HPS40W50K (24/Ctn)


  • High output+efficiency, extremely bright, over 6000 lumens
  • Provides 10-12 foot-candles beamspread at 11 foot ceiling height
  • Direct replacement for HPS lighting and high watt CFL (Ballast must be bypassed)
  • Instant 100% light, no warm-up time, no flicker, 270º beam angle
  • Perfect for turkeys, breeders and broiler broods
  • IP67 waterproof rating and dust resistant


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Lifelamp 40W Non-Dimmable LED Bulb

Electrical Data
Supply Voltage AC (V) 40W
Efficiency 150 lm/w
Claimed equivalent power 600W incandescent light
Power factor > 0.95
Input voltage AC120V / 220V
Input current 0.45A
LEDs Epistar SMD2835
Optical Data
Luminous flux 6000 lm
Color temperature 2700-6500K
Light color Warm white, natural white,
pure white, cool white
Color rendering index > 80Ra
Standard deviation of color
≤ 5
Beam angle > 270°
Warm-up time Instant 100% light
Starting time < 0.1s
Bulb Data
Main body Aluminum die casting
Base E26
Diffuser Milky PC
Life Data
Lifetime of lamp ≥ 30,000 hours
Number of switching cycles 100,000 times
Warranty 3 years
Operating Data
Working temperature -25°C-45°C
IP degree IP67
Housing surface
Diameter 140mm
Height 260mm