Environmental Protection Agency announced the Energy Star certification of the LifeLamp 9W 2700K LED Bulb manufactured by Décor Connect. An important criterion which LifeLamp was designed to surpass includes Lumen maintenance over the life of the bulb to ensure farmers that the initial Lumen output they get is what they can expect months and years down the road without major deterioration. Dimmer compatibility has been another serious concern for the EPA based on problems in the past. This is why LifeLamp has introduced the new LifeLamp LED Dimmer to ensure that today’s farmer receives a modern day high tech LED dimmer/controller that is specifically designed to work flawlessly with LifeLamp Led bulbs. But Décor Connect, the developer of the LifeLamp brand also decided to revolutionize the Agricultural LED marketplace by surpassing all competition and providing an all in one lighting solution for the world.

Lastik Executive Kenneth Teeters is the exclusive distributor for the LifeLamp brand in the United States. Kenneth decided to partner with LifeLamp for many reasons. “We have been providing solutions to the North American farmer for decades now. LifeLamp fit our long range goals perfectly because LifeLamp simplifies the LED conversion process for farmers everywhere. The chicken growers know how well this LED bulb performs because they were our testing grounds where this bulb was developed. LifeLamp is literally the aspirin to lighting headaches our customers have endured for a long time”, said Teeters. He continued, “Growers have to watch their bottom lines. Energy Expenditures have become a great source for bottom line dollar savings.

When we can introduce a program to our farmers where we simply unscrew what they have and screw in a new LED high tech bulb which impacts their bottom line costs immediately, it only helps us to cement our coveted relationships within the poultry industry.” Lastik Products had been part of the design phase as well as the introduction phase. Now, with CMet, FC, and RoHS Certification and the UL Water Resistance Certification, LifeLamp sales have exploded. “Our biggest challenge now is to manage expectations for our newest customers. “We are adding manufacturing lines at the factory to adjust to the overwhelming demand we have enjoyed in the field” commented Senior Director of Engineering Rich Kellaher. “We did not want to tell the farmer he could NOT clean his LED bulbs with a water sprayer. So we took the harder path to design a comprehensive lighting solution that revolutionizes the way farmers light their houses.

We invented LifeLamp Light Lines which are quick and easy to install in chicken houses and provide waterproof sockets! Lastik gave us their problems and we invented solutions. We also designed LifeLamp LED Dimmers. This was a value play on our part not too different from what McDonalds has been doing with hamburgers for years”, joked Mr Hughes. “Buy our hamburger which is our LifeLamp LED bulb and we will offer the grower a tremendous discount on our LifeLamp dimmer (French fries) and our LifeLamp Light Line (our drink).” Lastik President Larry Campbell added that “We like partnering with companies that deliver expertise. We have our own areas where we think we know a little bit. Décor Connect delivered to us the ability to actively listen to the farmer and produce “aspirin” that delivered solutions. It would have been easy for us to tell the farmer that he could NOT spray the light bulb with water.

Instead, we ship a silicon gasket with every bulb and our LifeLamp Light Line sockets are waterproof. As word gets out that we have a cost effective solution so farmers never have to hear the term “Dimmer incompatibility” again, we expect to gain tremendous market share in North America.” Teeters summarized by telling us that “The combination of our poultry background and heritage together with Décor Connect’s insight into LED technology and global supply chain makes for a compelling combination. Thanks to this powerful combination, today, the farmer has a one stop shop not only for Light bulbs but for LifeLamp dimmers and LifeLamp light lines which provide an inexpensive waterproof socket in addition to ease of installation. Who knows, maybe someday we will also offer a Drive thru as well,” Teeters joked.